When Not to Use a Conference Call in Your Realtor Mentor Coaching Program

Conference calls are wonderful tools for disseminating information, allowing interaction with the „audience“ and saving you a lot of time, but they are also over used. In the average week I get invited to about 8 conference calls, that more than one per work day. The popularity of using conference calls to do everything from teach, to solicit new clients is overwhelming. Due to the „anonymous“ nature of conference calls and the frequency that people are invited to attend them they may not always be the best tools to use in your Realtor mentor program.

The worst time to invite someone to attend a conference call is when he or she has just become a new client. The first impression that each new Realtor has when they begin your program is crucial. If you send them an invitation to a conference call right after they sign up and cut them loose, the likelihood of them attending the call and interacting with the group will be far lower than if you take the time to schedule and individual call with them first. During the one-on-one call with you they will have the opportunity to get to know you, ask some questions without the pressure of an audience and get a better understanding for how the program works. Then when they do get an invitation to a conference call later they will be more likely to attend and participate.

If you use conference calls regularly in your Realtor mentor program you may also want to consider converting some to small group coaching calls (or adding one per month). I know, you are probably thinking they are practically the same thing. How is this going to cause any significant improvement? Just hang in there for a moment. In a small group coaching call you get several benefits that a conference call does not provide.

1. Accountability, if there are only 10 people in the group and „attendance“ is held at the beginning of each call they will notice if you don’t show up.

2. It’s likely everyone who has a question or comment will get a chance to participate

3. Twice a month you can choose to feature one or two members per call who can voice their concerns/challenges in their Realtor career and everyone can focus on providing solutions to their specific problems. For the next call rotate to two new members in the spotlight. This is great for building fellowship among the group. Allowing for some personal coaching in a group atmosphere and keeping everyone involved and accountable.

4. Having a small group inherently creates a level of selectivity giving the call more value.

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