What To Do When an Agent Is Showing Your Home for Sale

Giving prospective buyers an inviting first impression is imperative when selling your house. Most buyers make up their minds about whether or not to buy within the first 90 seconds of viewing. The following tips will help you best prepare, and help you during the showing.

Tidy up

The first order of business when selling your house is to clean it, and keep it that way. Too often, sellers will have the house in showing condition for the first week or two and then they will start to slack off. Be sure the house is in showing condition all the time. If this is impossible for you, ask your agent to request the buyer’s agent to give one hour’s advanced notice before appearing on your door step with the prospective buyer.

Make sure there is no foul odor hanging around

This is obvious, but sometimes we who are in it might not notice. Make sure the house is aired out and has a fresh, crisp feel to it. Also, don’t use overly obvious scent dispensers. If you use them at all – be subtle, there is no point in covering up one smell with another.

Lock up your pets

Lock your pets up in their kennels. If you don’t have kennels, place them out in the back yard. Keep in mind that not everyone loves pets, quite a large number of people are actually afraid of them. If nothing else, it’s a little distracting to say the least when Sparky gets around sniffing the buyers‘ crutch.

Lock up your kids

Just kidding! Explain to them what is going on, give clear instructions as to what you expect from them during the showing, and try to give them something entertaining to do. Better yet, take them and the pets out for a walk.


The whole idea of a showing is to romance the prospective buyer into actually buying, and there is nothing like lighting to set the mood – just think of those romantic dinners! Turn on a nice balance of table and floor lights, and mix it in with natural lighting. Include your outdoor landscape and pool lighting, if any, as well as driveways and walkways. At night, a well lit house exudes an impression of invitation, while during the day it will help you avoid dark corners and harsh shadows.

Play music

Create a comfortable atmosphere by playing background music such as smooth jazz or classical music. Make sure the volume is set so it is easy to talk over and carry on a conversation.

Don’t hover

There is nothing worse than following your prospective buyers through the house. Home buyers feel like intruders as it is and are mostly uncomfortable walking around; they will feel uncomfortable opening doors or talking about the house in front of you. The best thing for you to do is to leave the house if you can, if not, stay out of the way and give the agent and buyers space. Don’t volunteer information but answer questions freely if asked.

A word of caution

Buyers in the market for Scottsdale Luxury Homes generally have high standards, but don’t be overly concerned. They do understand that you are, after all, living there! Just do your best to present your house as best you can…and always do what you can to stack the odds in your favor!

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