Remove Your Discomfort With Change

„In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.“ – Eric Hoffer I saw this quote on someone’s Instagram account the other day and it really started to dawn on me, that some people are really going to get left behind. About 3 times a week, I’d take my runs outdoor under the sun at the large park just 3 minutes walk away from where I live, and I’d pass by many old people. Some would be sitting on a bench alone, some congregated in a group at the resting shelters, others have hired help to push their wheel chairs around, or the ones who have a little more spark left in them would be trying their best to get some workout in at the fitness area.

Part of the reason why I started to „force“ myself to put myself „out there“ to do my runs instead of getting comfortable with the treadmill in the gym indoors is because I want to see a preview of a life that’s NEVER going to be mine. Also as a reminder why my health would always be my greatest wealth and asset in life no matter where it takes me. It keeps me motivated and my fuel running. It makes me remember WHY I’m doing „this“ when I feel like cutting my workout routine short and giving up. While I’m huffing and puffing on my third round of sprint, feeling like my heart’s about to explode, I’d turn to look at them, and I’d remember my „Why“.

I’d remind myself, „I don’t want to live a life that looks like that. I’m going to make damn sure that’s never going to be me.“ And I know what it’s like to be physically impaired, along with being mentally and emotionally trapped altogether. Losing my health for 3 whole years was one of the worst crisis but the best gifts I’ve ever gotten in my life. Even though I couldn’t see it right then, but it made me realize just how much privilege I’ve wasted away and taken for granted when I was living in a healthy, thriving body which I can call my „home“.

Now that I have my health back, I’m never losing sight of the luxury for each moment to feel grateful for this limitless potential of a machine that can do so much, and is still going the extra miles for me everyday tirelessly pumping oxygen throughout every cell in my body so I can use it as a vehicle to sculpt my mind and my heart. How to think and feel. How to combine the right thoughts with the right emotions to give it power and breathe life into it. So I can design and create my world on my terms. I got myself obsessively educated with the biochemistry, physiological, and every aspect of what makes a human being alive. Truly alive. Not just „settling“ or „getting by“ or „getting used to it.“

Too many people live a mediocre life as a prisoner of their own body and mind, never once taking the time to study their own user’s manual to allow it to operate at its highest and most optimum function. To ever get the chance to know and experience the power it holds, or just simply being aware what a real gift it truly is to even be alive to be, do, and have anything you can dream up in your mind and have your heart set on achieving it to hold it in your hands. To not be on life support or feeding tube, that is a luxury. That is a privilege. To have that ease of the ability and opportunity to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch everything around us in our inner and outer world.

As we’re ushering into the mid-year in another month really soon, let’s all put in the extra effort to educate ourselves about the all the small changes and simplest things we can do to allow ourselves to become a better self than we were yesterday. It’s not just about getting left behind in technology advancement, but you’re going to start leaving your mind behind and also the awareness of your physical body, if you neglect it long enough. You can’t just rely on popping pills every day to keep yourself „alive“ and a band-aid over the pain.

That’s not living, that’s just „surviving“ and no decent human being should live that way if there was another choice. It seems like a much easier option to just pop a pill to make that headache or migraine go away, but if we don’t get to the root of the problem, it’s never going away. It’s here to stay in no one else’s world but yours, and yours only. Actually, it does affect someone else’s world too when you come in contact with them. So if you truly love the people around you, you’d really make the effort to ensure your (inner) world is a much better place that you can feel is truly worth sharing and rubbing off. How can you expect anyone to enjoy your company if you’re suffering in your own body you’re living in? That’s one way to spark Joy… or „Friction“.

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