Advice for Buying a Home

Prioritize Features

The first thing that you need to do, when you decide to buy a home, is make a „wish list“ of the things that you want to have. For example, you might like to have 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. You might want to have a finished basement, or a balcony. Writing down all of the features that you want your home to have will help you to identify your dream home, and it will help your real estate agent to narrow down which homes to show you.

Also included in your wish list should be things like ideal distances from schools and work, as well as a reasonable range for utility bills, etc.

The next thing that you will need to do is determine a manageable budget. This will be made up of two numbers: (a) the down payment that you will be able to make on the house and (b) the amount of money that the bank will lend to you in the form of a mortgage. You do not have to live strictly by your budget, however, because a real estate agent might be able to get you a better price than what is listed on a home, in order to make it more manageable for you.

Real Estate Agents

The next step in buying a home involves hiring a real estate agent. While you will be able to buy a home independently, it is advised that you hire a professional to help you with the process. A real estate agent will be able to help find homes that you might be interested in. They will also help you through seeing houses, and making an appropriate offer on a home. Finally, they will help you bargain, to get your dream home for the right price.

Looking for a House

Your real estate agent will help you to look through listings, and show you homes that accommodate your needs and your wish list. They will then take you through the houses that you choose, and point out any advantages or disadvantages that one house might have over another.

If you find a home that you are interested in, you should proceed with having an inspector look through it. Choose your inspector carefully though, because they are looking for flaws that you will have to deal with, if you don’t first point them out to the seller.

Making the Offer

When you put in an offer to buy a home, you should understand that you are taking the first steps towards forming a contract with the seller. For this reason, you will want to include the following things with your offer:

  • The money you are offering
  • How selling your current home will fit into the equation
  • Who has title to the property
  • The results of the house inspection
  • What is included with the house

If the seller accepts your offer, you will then enter into a sales agreement. More than likely, however, the seller will present you with a counter offer, and you will enter a bargaining stage until you come to an agreement.

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Zillow Vs. The Chicago Real Estate Appraiser

I recently read a really interesting blog article from an appraiser in Philadelphia titled „Zillow vs. The Coyle Group“. In the article, Michael Coyle analyzes over 20 of their most recent appraisals and compares them to what Zillow says they are worth via it’s Zestimate. With sites like these appearing to be gaining popularity with consumers over the last few years, I thought I would do my own analysis.

The results may surprise you, they did me. Of the 20 properties analyzed, many of which were recent sales, Zillow differed from the appraised value by more than 5% on 16 of them and the average difference was 20.16%! And the four that were within 5% were recent sales in the last 6 months. That means on an average $300,000 home Zillow’s value estimate is off by an average of $60,000. Another interesting statistic is that it was high/overvalued 10 properties and low/undervalued 10 properties. To further substantiate my results I compared them to The Coyle Group’s and noted that they found an average difference of 18.95%.

When digging deeper into the individual properties, I was unable to determine what exact factor lead to some of the biggest discrepancies. For example, the Glencoe Colonial property is currently an 1100 sq. ft. split level that is going to be torn down and a new 3200 sq. ft. home built. It is listed for $1,199,000 (the exact Zestimate value) and is under contract for around $1,050,000. This would lead me to believe that Zillow is giving the MLS list price the most weight and ignoring the actual property characteristics. However, the Zestimate was off by 41% on the Portage Park bungalow which was listed for $460,000 and sold for the same price. In this case, why would the Zestimate be $273,265? It must have ignored the list and sale price when it appeared to rely exclusively on list price on the Glencoe proposed construction. Yes, I’m scratching my head as well.

While I am not here to breakdown Zillow’s method or algorithm used for determining values, I do want to caution the prospective homebuyer/seller about relying on Zillow’s values and advise that you hire a certified appraiser to ensure that all factors have been included in the opinion of market value. This will prevent you from listing your home too high which could lead to your house being on the market way longer than is necessary. It will also prevent you from listing your home too low and potentially leaving money on the table.

You can read Zillow vs. The Coyle Group here.

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The Fish Pot is Michael Winner’s Favourite Barbados Restaurant 2007

Every year Michael Winner spends his Christmas holiday in Barbados, staying at the world renowned Sandy Lane Hotel. It is arguably one of the most exclusive places in the world to see and be seen at that festive time of year, with room rates approaching $3,000 per night with a 14 night minimum stay required. Food and drink not included. Release the hounds!

And as he does every year upon his return to London, Michael Winner publishes a Barbados Restaurant Review in the Sunday Times „Winners Dinners“ column. Restaurant managers and owners are known to go into DEFCOM 3, high alert when „Winner, Sandy Lane, 444-2000“ appears in their reservations book. His ascerbic (some claim cruel) wit and take no prisoners style of restaurant reviewing has both fans and detractors agreeing on one thing: you either love him or hate him.

Michael Winner has made more than 30 films in his career as a director. His best known film was probably DEATH WISH, starring Charles Bronson. But his weekly Winner’s Dinners column for The Sunday Times is how he is best known to foodie’s in the UK and USA. He visits the world’s top restaurants and then delivers a tell all recap of what went wrong, right or both.

In his recently published Barbados Review on February 10th, Michael Winner mentioned how the food at Sandy Lane had dipped last Christmas season. However, he still ate 35 lunches and dinners there, only going out seven times. One of the restaurants he visited was The Fishpot – a restaurant he had never visited in the 25 years of coming to Barbados. The Fishpot Restaurant, with its 21 room hotel across the street, is owned by Andrew and Patricia Warden. Winner declared The Fish Pot to be „absolutely terriffic…“

Mr Winner was not so kind to The Cliff, calling it „that so-called great Barbados dump.“ Twisting the knife, he went on to say it was „the most overbooked, second-rate place in the world.“ Ouch. We do not share Mr Winner’s vitriol having dined there recently ourselves with friends. A bit stuffy perhaps, but we were in our own little world and tuned out the little annoyances such as having the water glasses refilled mid sip—less is more, please. We will agree with his comment about the bored indifference cum affected attitude of the twenty something front desk staff but we found it all vaguely amusing in a WHO IS THE EMPLOYEE AND WHO IS THE CUSTOMER sort of way. All in all, more good than bad.

Another restaurant to feel the wrath of his indigestion was Daphne’s, sister restaurant to Daphne’s in London. Mr Winner said Daphne’s „occasionally has reasonable food but the service is so slow everyone complains in high volume.“ We, too, have found the service to be spotty, but GM Marco Pavone works very hard to overcome the island time mentality of some wait staff that is the Achille’s heel for most Barbados restaurants. Daphne’s consistently delivers quality and innovative Italianbbean cuisine and you simply can’t beat the view.

But No. 1 on Mr Winner’s Barbados Hit List was The Fishpot. „You turn left out of Sandy Lane and drive 25 minutes, passing endless hoardings hiding upcoming apartment blocks and foreboding signs on wasteland reading, Prime residential site for sale. Eventually you come to old Barbados. There are little wooden houses, market stalls by the beach, cane fields and an aura of better times.“ That is a Bajan version of MAPQUEST. „At the Fishpot you sit right by the sea, in an old 17th-century fort. It’s tranquil. It’s beautiful. It’s what Caribbean life should be.“

Michael Winner first went for lunch with Richard Hanlon, who he says is his „favourite interior designer“, and was so impressed he returned for dinner with music mogul Lucian Grainge and his wife.

„For lunch the Fishpot had fresh local lobsters, which is more than Sandy Lane could offer at the time. They presented lobsters from Belize which must have been on ice so long all their spirit and structure had departed.“

There is another Restaurant Review coming out shortly and we understand he talks about another of our favourite restaurants, the Lone Star. Winner has long been a fan of Lone Star but you just never know if an ill WINNER will be blowing. We await your words, kind Sir, with bated breath.

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Secret to Selling Your Home Alone

Here is the Secret to Selling Your Home Alone. A hundred years ago when brokers found properties for buyers, they had few guidelines. The greed of some brokers led to many famous stories of deception and dismay where buyers lost money and their dreams. This led to laws and a new attitude in the real estate business. Ethical codes were developed, and agents organized, claiming the name of Realtors in 1949.

The professional real estate agent can be a very important part of buying and selling property. The industry does not fail to promote itself and the many good reasons to hire the services of a Realtor, whether buyer or seller. However, this does not mean you can’t sell your property on your own and save the expense of hiring an agent.

Here’s the secret of making the sale. To sell your property on your own, you must have two major components.

A. a cash buyer or qualified mortgage applicant

B. a place to close the deal

Solution to A. Buyers normally go to Realtors to have properties shown to them. You must attract buyers through your newspaper ad, fsbo signs, or online webpages. And then you must make is easy for buyers to buy.

Solution to B. You will close your deal in the same way as the vast majority of real estate agents: in the office of a title company (or less often a real estate attorney). This title company is the key to selling and closing your house! If you can find the buyer, this company can close the deal.

It also helps to:

1. Be prepared to organize, clean, and show off the property to prospects.

2. Search now for a reputable „title company“ to prepare all paperwork and close the deal.

3. Prepare a sales flyer with info to „sell“ the property’s features and benefits and help your buyer understand and find financing.

4. Qualify your buyers by suggesting they visit a bank or a bank’s website to pre-qualify for a set loan amount. This will reduce the unnecessary showings you have. Why show your house to someone who can’t afford to buy it?

Since you’re the sales „agent“ it is helpful to learn to pre-qualify a buyer!

Here are the pieces to the financing puzzle:

– Purchase Price

– Annual Interest

– Monthly payment

– Months the loan will last

– 28% rule

For example, say a buyer makes 3000 a month gross. 28% is a rule of thumb for what is allowed for a monthly mortgage payment. So 28% of 3000 = $840. This $840 is approximately the maximum mortgage payment the buyer is allowed. This figure includes the loan principal and Interest, plus monthly tax and insurance payments. Using a mortgage calculator, this payment equates to a purchase price of around $150,000 at about 4% annual interest.

You can ask if the buyer intends to finance the home. If so you can tell them up front approximately what the mortgage payment will be. You can look up current rates at bank sites, such as

TIP: The Windows 7 operating system includes a calculator that can help in figuring the above calculation for a mortgage payment. Open the mortgage calculator by clicking Start, then type in calc in the search box. With the calculator open, click View, the scroll down to Worksheets and choose Mortgage.

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Example of a Realtor in a Consultative Sales Conversation

Notice in the following example how the real estate agent uses the information the Seller gives in each answer to formulate the agent’s next question. These question chains let the agent stay in control of the conversation without educating, selling, or convincing the Seller of anything, but still provide tremendous value to the prospect. In fact, the agent says very little of substance, but still moves the sale along to a close.

Agent: „Hi, I’m LS with The Way of Real Estate, and I’m wondering if you’re planning on moving in the next 12 months?“

Seller: „Why, as a matter of fact, we are.“

Agent: „OK. And where will you be moving to?“

Seller: „Phoenix.“

Agent: „And when would that be?“ (Up to this point, the conversation is following a door-knocking script.)

Seller: „Well, we’re not sure. I have a job starting there in four months, but my wife’s mother is very ill, so we may hang on to the house until she passes on.“

Agent: „I can see how it would make your wife more comfortable to stay in the house. Is there a problem with hanging onto the house and selling it later?“

(I want to know why the obvious solution doesn’t work for him. He may or may not have thought about it.)

Seller: „Yes, I have to purchase again by the end of the year in Phoenix, and I’ll need to sell this one before I can do that.“

Agent: „So you need to sell before the end of the summer, but you don’t know how long your wife might have to stay in the house. What sorts of solutions have you and your wife talked about?“

(I don’t want to make suggestions, especially when I’d probably suggest things they’ve already thought about. This is the role of a sounding board.)

Seller: „Well, my wife is talking about renting a condo overlooking the ocean while I get things set up in Phoenix.“

Agent: „Hmmm. So, between keeping the house and renting the condo, which one would you guess is the best solution to your situation?“

(The form of asking someone to „guess“ between two things that they’re on the fence about often helps them choose the one they subconsciously are leaning towards already. People often feel relieved to „guess.“ I’m also OK with the answer either way. I’d rather know now, before spending a lot more time with him, if he’s decided to keep the house.)

Seller: „Well, I think the condo. Her mom could hang on for a long time yet, and I have to make a purchase in Phoenix before the end of the year. I’d prefer to see my wife not have to deal with the sale of a house when I’m not here.“

Agent: „Sounds like a reasonable choice. Is something stopping your wife from agreeing with you? (I sense this is the big issue-the one that’s making the decision hard for them. I’m asking him to raise ideas to the surface that he might not be thinking about overtly, but that need to be addressed in order for him to make a decision.)

Seller: „Yeah, she thinks she’d like the familiar surroundings of her house at this time of her life.“

Agent: „That makes a lot of sense to me. so on the one hand, she has a strong emotional reason for staying in the house, and you don’t want to upset her. And on the other hand, you need to sell and reinvest in Phoenix. What happens if you keep the house and don’t reinvest in Phoenix?“

(I want to raise this issue, because it’s one option he has that he hasn’t mentioned, and it will come up at some point.)

Seller: „It’s complicated. But I have a tax issue and if I can sell this one, I can roll the equity into another house without paying capital gains.“

Agent: „I see. How do you think you’re going to go about making this decision?“

(Now he’s got all the issues laid out in front of him, so I’m bringing him to a logical place of choice.)

Seller: „I think we need to have a serious talk. The truth is I’ve been avoiding it.“

Agent: „Well, as you have this talk, how can I support you with the real estate facts you need?“ (I’m not telling him any facts, but volunteering that there are facts he could use.)

Seller: „Oh, well, what do we need to know?“

Agent: „I could prepare some condo rentals for you and your wife to look at. Also show you the sale values in your neighborhood, provide you with moving quotes. That sort of thing.“

(I don’t want to start blabbering, just giving enough to allow him to decide if he’s interested)

Seller: „I hadn’t thought about some of that. “

Agent: „There are a lot of ways I can add support, but not all of them would be useful to you at this time. Perhaps you and your wife could brainstorm some ideas together about what you need and don’t need. How would you feel about doing that?“ (Now I’ve asked him to do something, but not for me or with me. It’s a way of getting him to take action.)

Seller: „I think that’s a great idea.“

Agent: „OK, good. I’d like to continue our conversation after you’ve had a chance to talk with your wife. Would that be helpful?“

Seller: „Sure, I’ve enjoyed this.“

Agent: „Wonderful. So what’s the best way for me to follow up with the support you and your wife are going to brainstorm about?“ (I’m only closing on action he’s already agreed to do. I’m not offering him a CMA or to clean his garage)

And so on.

Your role as a consultative salesperson in a conversation like this is to be a sounding board, not to give answers or explanations. It’s to follow a protocol of asking a certain kind of question by using a question chain technique to help the prospect explore his situation. Your protocol gently deflects the prospect in a direction that helps him make decisions. This is a highly consultative approach that supports a prospect in making decisions that are right for him. It is also shrewdly effective for you as a real estate salesperson. You might call it the yin/yang of the sale.

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What About Selling Your Home Before Bankruptcy?

In case you’re thinking of filing bankruptcy, the home that you live in will also form part of the assets that could be sold in order to pay the creditors.

If you are a part owner of the house, the house will still be sold and the creditors will be paid for with your share in the house while the remaining money will be paid to the other part owners. However, if your family is living with you in the house it is sometimes possible to delay the sale of the house for a year or so.

If the trustee is not able to sell your house he may still have a charge on it for a period that could last three years. In this period, if the value of your home increases it will belong to the trustee to pay off the debts. Even if the process of bankruptcy is complete and the house is sold – still the benefit of any increase will go to the trustee.

There is also a provision whereby your family, husband or wife will have the option to buy the stake in your house and in this way you will be able to keep that asset outside of the bankruptcy process and may continue living in it.

If before filing for bankruptcy you have transferred your home to your spouse with an intention to defeat the creditors such a transaction can be treated as void by the Trustee given that this was done in a time frame of within five years of filing for bankruptcy. For example if you think that finances are deteriorating and you will have to file for bankruptcy in about a year or so and feel that your house is the most valuable asset you have and therefor protect it. With this in mind, you transfer your share in the house to your wife so that she becomes the sole owner of the house thinking that now when you file for bankruptcy the house will not come under the hammer. Although, when you eventually do file for bankruptcy and the trustee feels that you have taken such an action with the view of defeating the creditors he may treat the transaction as void and may restore the home as your property and discharge it to help pay the creditors.

However, the good news is that some assets are exempt and while you may not be able to get away with them completely there is a certain relief period within which you can negotiate with the creditors and still keep possession of the house while you come to an agreement with them. For example in many states your equity in the house to the extent of $125,000 is exempt and the creditors cannot force you to sell it to pay them. What this essentially means is that while your creditors will not be able to sell off your home, you are also not exempt from paying their bills and will be expected to continue to pay your creidtors while continuing to owe money on your assets as well.

But this is not to mean that in all cases selling your home to your spouse before bankruptcy amounts to a void transaction. Cases have been reported where such an arrangement was made and successful. While it may surprise the reader, in many of the cases it was simply because the Trustee overlooked the asset of the spouse. This however does not infer that this is an ethical and safe practice especially when the state has many provisions to protect your home and ward off creditors from selling it. The best idea in such cases is to seek counsel of a law firm specializing in this area who understand how similar cases have been dealt with in your state. Also a lot depends on the amount of credit that you owe and their nature, primarily the amount that you owe and whether it is a secured or an unsecured debt.

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26 Themen, die Sie in Ihrem Immobilienmakler-Coaching-Programm verwenden können

Die Realität ist, dass es eine Fülle von Themen gibt, die Sie Immobilienmaklern in Ihrem Makler-Mentor- oder Makler-Coaching-Programm beibringen könnten. Wenn Menschen zum ersten Mal ein Coaching-Programm einrichten, haben sie manchmal das Gefühl, dass es möglicherweise nicht genug zu lehren gibt. Die Realität ist, dass Sie, wenn Sie als Immobilienmakler ein überdurchschnittliches Einkommen verdienen, sicherlich einige Juwelen haben, die Sie mit dem Rest von uns teilen können, und Sie können tatsächlich ein ganzes Coaching-Unternehmen aufbauen, indem Sie nur ein Konzept vermitteln. Der wichtige Teil ist, dass Sie vermitteln, was Sie (aus Erfahrung) wissen, was benötigt wird und was Immobilienmakler wollen.

Wenn Ihnen also die Themen oder Ideen fehlen, die Sie in Ihrem Realtor-Mentorenprogramm unterrichten können, finden Sie hier eine kurze Liste, die Sie zum Nachdenken anregen soll. (Dies sind alles Themen, die zusammen mit dem Wort Immobilienmakler oder Immobilienmakler TON gesucht werden).

Immobilienmakler oder Immobilienmakler:

1. Geschäftsplan

2. Ausgaben

3. Erfahrungsberichte

4. Gehalt

5. Steuerabzüge

6. Provisionen, Gebühren

7. Ethikkodex

8. Vermarktung

A. Analyse

B. Werkzeuge, Produkte, Materialien,

C. Briefe

D. Lieferungen

e. Strategien, Plan, Tipps

9. Kunde

A. Geschenke

B. Verwaltung

C. Umfragen

10. Zeitmanagement

11. Visitenkarten

12. Webseiten

A. Blogs

B. Broschürenseiten

13. Broschüren

14. Beschwerden

15. Pflichten, Verantwortlichkeiten

16. Bildung, Prüfung, Bezeichnungen, Ausbildung

17. Etikette

18. Arbeitsverträge

19. Betrug

20. Wie man wird

21. Krankenversicherung, Leistungen

22. Interviewfragen

23. Vs. Makler

24. Formulare

25. Gelbe Seiten

26. Yard-Schilder

Auch dies sind alles sehr beliebte Schlüsselwörter oder Phrasen, wenn sie mit dem Wort Immobilienmakler oder Immobilienmakler gepaart werden, und die Chancen stehen gut, dass Sie, wenn Sie ein erfolgreicher Immobilienmakler sind, ein oder zwei Dinge über mindestens eines dieser Themen wissen könnten Helfen Sie wirklich anderen Immobilienmaklern. Das Erstaunliche daran ist, dass Sie, wenn Sie sich entscheiden, Ihre effektiven Marketingtechniken zu teilen, kein „Marketingexperte“ sein müssen, um ein hochprofitables nachhaltiges Coaching-Unternehmen zu gründen. Sie müssen nur die bewährten Marketingtechniken teilen, die funktionieren, und die spezifischen, einzigartigen Methoden lehren, wie Sie sie implementieren, die Sie zu einem erfolgreichen Immobilienmakler machen. Natürlich wird der Tag kommen, an dem Ihre aktuellen Techniken weniger effektiv werden und ersetzt werden, aber solange Sie weiterhin neue Methoden in Ihrem Maklergeschäft testen (wie Sie es sowieso sollten), wird es Ihnen nie an neuen Marketingsystemen mangeln Lehren.

Dasselbe Prinzip gilt für viele der oben aufgeführten Themen, insbesondere für diejenigen, die sich auf den Geschäftsbetrieb beziehen, da sich diese bekanntlich ständig weiterentwickeln.

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Makler Heidelberg

Erster Schritt zum Eigenheimverkauf

Obwohl es nicht immer ratsam ist, ist es durchaus möglich, Ihr Haus alleine zu verkaufen – mit anderen Worten, ohne Makler. Wenn Sie organisiert sind und die folgenden Schritte befolgen, können Sie potenziell 2-3 % an Maklerprovisionen sparen. Bei einem durchschnittlichen Hauspreis bedeutet dies Einsparungen zwischen 3000 und 4500 US-Dollar!

Denken Sie jetzt bitte daran: Dies bedeutet, dass Sie im Voraus etwa 1.000 US-Dollar ausgeben müssen, um wirklich alles richtig zu machen. Sie können dies jedoch einfach als Investition zum Sparen von Geld betrachten, sobald Sie das Haus tatsächlich verkauft haben.

Schritt 1 – Lassen Sie Ihr Zuhause professionell inspizieren.

Abhängig von der Größe Ihres Hauses kostet dies zwischen 200 und 400 US-Dollar. Fast alle Käufer werden ein Haus inspizieren lassen, aber ich empfehle Ihnen – dem Verkäufer – dies selbst zu tun, bevor Sie das Haus auf den Markt bringen.

Der Grund dafür ist einfach: Sie müssen mehr über das Haus wissen als Ihr Käufer, wenn es darum geht, den Preis zu verhandeln.

Normalerweise wird das Haus zu einem bestimmten Preis unter Vertrag genommen, dann lässt der potenzielle Käufer das Haus besichtigen. Dadurch werden Sie als Verkäufer benachteiligt. Der Grund dafür ist, dass es für Sie besser ist, alle potenziellen Probleme zu kennen, wenn Sie den Preis für das Haus festlegen, anstatt sie herauszufinden, sobald Sie einen Käufer haben.

Lassen Sie es mich so sagen: Wissen Sie, ob Ihr Haus mit Code verkabelt ist? Wenn Sie kein Elektriker sind, wahrscheinlich nicht. Denken Sie jetzt darüber nach: Was wäre besser, wenn Sie wüssten, dass Ihr Haus nicht entsprechend verkabelt und bewertet ist, oder wenn Sie dies herausfinden, nachdem ein Käufer Ihr Haus unter Vertrag genommen hat?

In einer Hausverhandlung ist Wissen Macht! Es ist 300 Dollar wert, um in dieser Abteilung einen Vorteil zu erzielen.

Stellen Sie auch sicher, dass Sie eine Termiteninspektion erhalten, wenn Termiten ein Problem sind, wo Sie leben. Termiten können Ihr Zuhause schnell zerstören, und oft wissen Sie das erst, wenn es zu spät ist. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass die meisten Termitenfirmen Ihr Haus kostenlos inspizieren, um Ihr Geschäft zu verdienen. Sie können diese Inspektion sogar von mehr als einem Unternehmen durchführen lassen.

Ich empfehle Ihnen, diese Inspektionen durchzuführen, bevor Sie irgendetwas anderes tun. Die Hausinspektion dauert normalerweise etwa 3 Stunden und die Termiteninspektion etwa 1 Stunde. Abgesehen davon, dass die Inspektoren hineingelassen werden, müssen Sie nicht einmal im Haus anwesend sein! Die meisten Inspektoren können ihre Arbeit so planen, dass sie innerhalb einer Woche abgeschlossen ist.

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Makler Heidelberg

Getrennte Handysuche – So finden Sie heraus, wem diese getrennte Telefonnummer gehört

Haben Sie kürzlich eine Telefonnummer auf einem Zettel ohne Informationen gefunden, nur um die Nummer anzurufen und herauszufinden, dass die Verbindung getrennt wurde? Es kann schwierig sein, den Besitzer einer nicht verbundenen Handynummer zu finden!

Wenn es sich um eine Festnetznummer handelt, müssen Sie nur in Ihre bevorzugte Suchmaschine springen, die Nummer eingeben und die Suchmaschine wird Ihnen alle möglichen Informationen ausgeben. Für Mobiltelefone, die einfach nicht funktionieren, da es sich um private Nummern handelt und die Informationen des Besitzers geschützt sind. Sie könnten noch einen Schritt weiter gehen und einen Privatdetektiv beauftragen, aber das kostet viel zu viel Geld und dauert wahrscheinlich Wochen.

Eine der besten verfügbaren Lösungen besteht darin, einen Reverse-Handydienst zu verwenden, um eine nicht verbundene Handysuche durchzuführen. Reverse-Cell-Online-Datenbanken sind wie Handynummern mit weißen Seiten. Sie werden erstaunt sein über all die Informationen, die Sie herausfinden können: Name, Ort, Beruf, gegenwärtige und frühere Adressen, Familienstand usw. Einige dieser Suchen liefern Ihnen sogar Hintergrund- und/oder Finanzinformationen.

Umgekehrte Handyverzeichnisse zahlen einen beträchtlichen Geldbetrag, um auf diese privaten Informationen zugreifen zu können, sodass Sie sie nicht kostenlos erhalten können. Wenn ein Unternehmen dies tut, seien Sie vorsichtig, da es sich um einen Betrug handeln kann. Sobald Sie Zugriff auf diese Datenbanken haben, die über 200 Millionen Mobiltelefonnummern enthalten, haben Sie unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten, so viele Telefonnummern zu finden, wie Sie möchten. Es ist preisgünstig, dauert nur wenige Minuten und ist absolut vertraulich. Melden Sie sich jetzt an, um Ihre Handysuche ohne Verbindung fortzusetzen!

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Makler Heidelberg

Rette die Umwelt, rette Leben

"Rette die Umwelt, rette Leben" ist ein sehr wichtiges Sprichwort, das heutzutage jedem Menschen am Herzen liegt. Viele Menschen gehen den grünen Weg mit dem Hauptziel, die Natur zu schützen und die Umwelt vor den schädlichen Auswirkungen verschiedener menschlicher Aktivitäten zu schützen. Bei so viel Umweltverschmutzung und ökologischem Ungleichgewicht ist die gegenwärtige Situation bedrohlich geworden. Die Probleme sind jetzt selbst für die besten Umweltschützer alarmierend, die ständig und rigoros nach Wegen und Methoden suchen, um die Umwelt zu retten, die allmählich ihren Tribut von Menschenleben fordert. Daher ist es sehr wichtig geworden, bedeutende Schritte zu unternehmen und Leben zu retten.

Es gibt viele Faktoren, die zu den bedrohlichen Auswirkungen der Umwelt beigetragen haben. Die alarmierendsten unter ihnen sind die globale Erwärmung, der Abbau der Ozonschicht, die Luftverschmutzung und die Wasserverschmutzung.

Die globale Erwärmung ist ein lebensbedrohliches Problem, mit dem die Welt heute konfrontiert ist. Es ist ein Zustand, wenn die Temperatur der Erde aufgrund der Wirkung von Treibhausgasen wie Kohlendioxid, Methan und Lachgas ansteigt. Die Emission dieser Gase in die Atmosphäre fängt Wärme und Licht von der Sonne ein, was die Temperatur der Erde erhöht. Obwohl das Problem lebensbedrohlich geworden ist, gibt es bedeutende Möglichkeiten, wie wir seine schädlichen Auswirkungen reduzieren können. Der messbarste Schritt ist der Umstieg auf kraftstoffeffiziente Autos, die vergleichsweise weniger Kohlendioxidemissionen verursachen. Da Kohlendioxid die Hauptursache für die globale Erwärmung ist, wird eine drastische Verringerung seiner Emission in die Atmosphäre sowohl der Umwelt als auch dem menschlichen Leben von großem Nutzen sein. Es gibt auch andere Möglichkeiten, wie das Haus zu isolieren, Fahrgemeinschaften zu bilden, einen Baum zu pflanzen und mehr öffentliche Verkehrsmittel zu nutzen.

Der Abbau der Ozonschicht ist ein weiteres alarmierendes Thema für die Umweltschützer. Ozon ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Atmosphäre, der den Menschen vor den schädlichen UV-Strahlen schützt. Leider haben menschliche Aktivitäten einen Ozonabbau verursacht, der katastrophal sein kann, wenn er jetzt nicht kontrolliert wird. Der Schlüsselfaktor, der diese Verarmung verursacht, ist der Anstieg des Gehalts an Fluorchlorkohlenwasserstoffen (FCKW). In der Stratosphäre zerfällt diese Verbindung und setzt ein freies Chloratom frei, das mit einem Ozonmolekül reagiert, um Chlormonoxid und ein Sauerstoffmolekül zu bilden. Das resultierende Chlormonoxid reagiert auch mit Ozonmolekülen, um ein Chloratom und zwei Sauerstoffmoleküle zu bilden. Die Reaktion wiederholt sich immer wieder, wenn ein freies Chloratom freigesetzt wird. Dabei wird die Ozonmenge in der Stratosphäre drastisch reduziert, was zu einem ernsthaften Problem geworden ist. Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, das Problem zu bekämpfen, z. B. die Verwendung von Aerosolen zu vermeiden, das Haus zu isolieren und den Kauf von Styroporprodukten zu vermeiden. Es ist auch sehr wichtig, die in Autos eingebaute Klimaanlage regelmäßig zu überprüfen, da jedes Leck im Kühlmittel große Mengen an FCKW freisetzt.

Luftverschmutzung, die durch verschiedene menschliche Handlungen wie Rauchen, Waldzerstörung, übermäßige Nutzung von Klimaanlagen und zunehmende Zuverlässigkeit von Privatfahrzeugen verursacht wird, hat die Umwelt erheblich bedroht. Es ist sehr wichtig, die zunehmende Umweltverschmutzung unter Kontrolle zu halten, um Natur und Leben vor Zerstörung und Katastrophen zu bewahren. Um das Problem zu bekämpfen, ist es am besten, so viel wie möglich Fahrgemeinschaften oder öffentliche Verkehrsmittel zu nutzen, sowohl aktives als auch passives Rauchen zu vermeiden, die Verwendung von Klimaanlagen zu minimieren, die Verwendung von Holzöfen einzustellen, den Kauf von Formaldehydprodukten zu vermeiden und Asbest zu entfernen wenn Sie es irgendwo zu Hause finden, und nutzen Sie energieeffiziente Geräte maximal.

Die Wasserverschmutzung nimmt auch aufgrund unkontrollierter menschlicher Aktivitäten zu. Luft und Wasser sind beide lebensnotwendig, und wenn sie verschmutzt sind, hat dies unmittelbar negative Auswirkungen auf das menschliche Leben. Ergreifen Sie die notwendigen Schritte, um die Wasserverschmutzung zu reduzieren, indem Sie die Wasserversorgung gründlich kontrollieren. Entleeren oder entsorgen Sie keine chemischen oder giftigen Substanzen in den Abfluss oder in Gewässer. Es ist auch dringend erforderlich, das Trinkwasser regelmäßig zu testen oder zu überprüfen, da es Bakterien, Metalle und verschiedene andere giftige Chemikalien enthalten kann.

Nur einen Schritt voraus und Sie können die Umwelt und schließlich das Leben auf der Erde retten.

Es ist Zeit für uns alle aufzuwachen und bedeutende Schritte zu unternehmen Schütze die Umwelt.

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